Sunday, August 5, 2012

Coffee Cravings

I'm the type of coffee drinker that didn't start to drink coffee until freshman year of college at 16 years old,  partly because I had heard of its downsides but mainly because I did not know what I was missing (oh, interesting, that isn't an official type? okay..). For the next two years, I was a fan (to put it mildly). Honestly, I was borderline a caffeine addict. I would have coffee in the morning to start the day and then at night to keep me up, to write papers, to survive in last-minute cramming, and to give me energy to go out with friends.

My guilty feeling catching up with me, a year and a bit ago, I decided I needed to get a better handle on my coffee cravings so last year, I only drank coffee when I absolutely needed it to stay awake (okay, saying you need something in this context does not make me dependent at all, alright?). Or, on special occasions like trying coffee on my alternative break in Panama.

Now, with my attempt at being more productive and proactive, in my job search and goal-making and general post-grad life, I've found myself craving some of that magical potion (still talking about coffee). After reading this awesome article on LearnVest, I don't feel bad at all about this mini-craving and can't wait to get my hands on my next cup! After all:

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