Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TV Talk: Law Edition

Being home from college really means one big and major thing:
There will be a lot of useless TV-watching with the family as the evening lingers on.
That one big and major thing has many implications:
1. For the easily obsessed of us, it means that summer holds the auditions for new TV commitments.
2. It means that those cut from the team get a pretty bad review in comparison to the raves of the newly found loves [pretty bad: not much raving].
3. A lot of Law & Order re-runs.

After my obsession with Charmed, my mother and I began to watch CSI
One thing led to another and we had started to watch CSI: NY, CSI: Miami & even Crossing Jordan. 
The one show I thought I'd never watch was Law & Order.
The "bum BUM" sound kinda freaked me out.
Then, enter Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
Now, THAT was cool.
I soon grew to love the "bum BUM" sound.

As I'm looking into law school, it seems like TV is being taken over by law shows.
Here are the three that I've watched, in order from not interested to favorite!

Although Kathy Bates and Brittany Snow make for a great combination, unfortunately Harry's Law  paled in comparison to the next couple of law shows that I was following.

Franklin and Bash, known to some as F&B.
Dude, forget the law part for a second. 
Breckin Meyer and John-Paul Gosselaar are hilarious individually but together...
let's just say, my lol's in real life have never proven so true.
Plus, they even tweet funny! & often about the show & each other.
Yes, the law part is insane; but why not?
Go with it. Go with the Hollywood suck-y suspension of disbelief and enjoy it.
To top it off, I love that it's set in Los Angeles and I love love that intro!

My favorite law show as of now is hands-down Suits.

It's slightly more realistic law-wise than F&B but I, for one, definitely feel the gut-wrenching stress that Mike feels whenever Harvey asks him to do something with no guidance whatsoever.
The perfectionists in the room, holla!
Also, the lawyer to fake lawyer dynamic poses some very interesting ethical questions that would do us all good to analyze[Okay, might be a pretense to defend the show].
Plus, everyone knows Rick Hoffman's character is going to be funny and conniving.
The characters are complex and intelligent which makes for some great pop culture references and witty comebacks. :) Enjoy!

Do your TV habits change during summer?
What do you think of the new face of lawyers on television?

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