Friday, August 5, 2011

Across Cultures.

I finally watched Burlesque last night.
It was cheesy but I'm a sucker for music in movies and anything remotely cheesy.
Admittedly, it did both me just a tad that there were some songs that you would NEVER hear at a Burlesque show that Cher and Christina Aguilera sang and "rehearsed". 
I had no idea so many celebrities were a part of the movie: Julianne Hough [Dancing With the Stars], Eric Dane [Grey's Anatomy], Kristen Bell [When In RomeForgetting Sarah Marshall, Veronica Mars ], Stanley Tucci, Dianna Agron [Glee], Cam Gigandet [Twilight], and even Peter Gallagher [Covert Affairs] . 
Here's the trailer.

As I watched and watched, 
there was something that kept tugging at my memory.
It was a music video I had seen when I was in Lebanon.
It was a collaboration between Sabah [also known as Sabou7a] and Rola.
Please note the similarities between the music video and the Burlesque trailer. 
Even if you don't understand the words, the body language and imagery makes the plot line pretty clear.

Seems like small-town women all around the world dream of fame and musical careers...
oh, and plastic surgery.

In case you all were wondering what happened after that first video, here's the sequel:

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