Saturday, July 2, 2011

YouTube Video of My Day

Summertime is meant for those laughs and smiles slightly more carefree because the weather can carry away the usual worries of non-summertime. The Local Natives' Who Knows Who Cares does a great job in encompassing that feeling with a slightly odd/"where did the milk come from" sense to the music video. Despite that, this song lifts my spirit any day so I hope you enjoy it. Another great song of theirs is World News; both are on their CD Gorilla Manor.

The Lyrics

I've been going down
Down into the river baby
Listen to the sound
It's something only God knows
You figure it out, I can't stay
Water's in the clouds
Is my life about to change?
Who knows, who cares

So we took a van down to Colorado
Where we ran into the dead
I took you by the hand
Know that even with your doubts, it's ok
Take into account that it's not about to change
Who knows, who cares

You could let it down
Jump into the river baby
Easy as it sounds
It's never quite as easily done
The current has us now, it's ok
Take into account that it's all about to change
Who knows, who cares

No one's been there
But I don't care
I know all have been there
I don't care
I know

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