Friday, July 22, 2011

TV Talk

Recap: Love Bites,which I wrote about previously, was cancelled. Turns out my favorite part about Becki Newton's character was coincidental! More info at the imdb webpage. I still hope that the anthology-esque portrayal gains some popularity. What do you think of Love Bites being cancelled?

One thing you can rely on is that, for every TV show cancelled, there is at least one more to talk about. Today, I'll be talking about two since ABC Family has recently gained all my attention at least on Mondays and Tuesdays. Yepp, I'll admit: I am a big fan of Switched at Birth and The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Add to that the really great campaign that ABC Family and Seventeen Magazine have collaborated on and I'm left extremely impressed. More info on the campaign here.

Switched at Birth
The premise of the show is that these two young women were switched at the hospital when they were first born so that Bay, played by Vanessa Marano [Gilmore Girls], ended up with a very well-off, Caucasian family, and Daphne, played by Katie Leclerc [Veronica Mars], ended up in East Riverside with Regina and her mother from Puerto Rico. 

I truly appreciate this show because it touches on many different subjects in a new and captivating way. Firstly, the different representations of minorities, be it Puerto Rican, female or deaf [which is phenomenal].
Secondly, the deep contrast in the motherly depictions of Regina Vasquez, played by Constance Marie [George Lopez], and Kathryn Kennish, played by Lea Thompson [Jane Doe].
Thirdly, the numerous types of families living side by side is eye-opening for the audience because we have an advantage of seeing where each action is coming from; however, in the other family's perspective, we can see how a certain action is not justified at all.
Lastly, I find myself connected to the characters more so than liking one over the other because the show is not shy of holding back any person's faults. 
I like that we see the flaws in every character while still showing the positive so that we get the full picture.

One of my favorite parts of the show was when Regina takes Kathryn's hands and tells her to understand her daughter using them because only then would she be making a true effect to know her daughter as opposed to making her daughter fit into her perfect family portrait.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King
MAGIC by any other name is still magic to me, and, magic to me, can get pretty obsessive. 
This show is a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. 
The chatter between Chloe and her mother, reminds me a tad of Gilmore Girls, and the whole "train because somebody is trying to kill you" aspect reminds me of Charmed.
Chloe King is certainly not the typical girl from San Francisco; she happens to be the Unitor and Mai, "a super-human ancient race with cat-like abilities".
A big part of the TV show that bugs me is that, as the Unitor of humans and Mai, shouldn't she be able to kiss Brian, her super sweet "only friend" but actually want to be "more than friends" friend? It's just a thought [but really way more than that, clearly].
I'm excited to see what will happen considering Brian's father is trying to help kill Chloe.

In other news, the cast is at Comic Con today and will be spilling a secret which all of the Chloe King fans are  waiting to hear! I'll keep you posted. :)

What's you favorite part of a TV show? Do you watch these two ABC Family hits? 
Curious to hear your point of view!

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