Monday, July 18, 2011

Promote Fair Trade

As you may or may not know, I have been meaning to write a post about my trip to Chicago for the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference for quite a while now.
Needless to say that my wanting to do all the great insights I learned, speeches I heard, and advice that was shared justice, I've been procrastinating just the tiny bit.
Slowly, I've been organizing all my notes and handouts. Today, a little quarter-sheet flyer about Fair Trade slipped from all the pages. Sure, it was also an ad for Eggers Imprints which printed the conference T-shirts but it just showed how a small little paper can still inform a group of people who still have the power to implement change, no matter their roles in life.

From TransFair USA, fair trade is a type of international trade that enables farmers a chance out of poverty by guaranteeing fair prices and sustainability. It allows producers to invest in their farms and communities abroad and lets farmers compete in the global marketplace.
What You Can Do:
1. Educate yourself and others. Click for Green America's free guide [& other suggestions].
2. Organize a charity event just for fun; here's a checklist for a  Fair Trade Wine Tasting Event.
3. Bring awareness to schools and colleges using Co-operative's advice.
4.When you shop, make an effort to purchase fair trade products.
For example, if you are looking for:
> Club/group t-shirts and other types of swag: try Eggers Imprints.
> gifts [graduation, wedding, birthday...etc]: try Ten Thousand Villages.
> everything from home decor to clothing: try World of Good on ebay.

I even made my own little mixture of favorite things from World of Good. Hope you enjoy!

What do you think? 

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