Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Call for Help!

Hello WorldWide Web,

I realize it's a long shot but you've gotta admire a girl for trying, right?

Well, I stumbled upon a TicketLiquidator contest which I may [don't wanna jinx it] or may not be able to win. I figured on lazy summer days like this one, why not?

This brings me to the call to action that I pleadingly send to any who may stumble upon this post. If you could click this great cool Facebook link, you would be able to vote for me. Each and every vote brings me closer to winning but also adds to my daily percentage of excitement which I gotta say is priceless [did not mean to invoke that cheesy credit card commercial].
This is the link:

You never know. Miracles do happen. Let's see what Web 2.0 can do!

Just as Andy Grammer is able to make it big from just playing on Third Street, we have to keep our heads up and support! That's why I thought you all might want some piece of the music that's already making its way to the radio: Andy's CD for a great deal: Andy Grammer

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  1. Alas, you win some, you lose some ;) thanks for your support anyway...


Thanks for the comment! :) xoxo Maya