Friday, August 20, 2010

Character-Building & A Building's Character

Today marks a week of being back on-campus at LMU for Resident Assistant Training. A lot has happened in the past seven days even outside the jam-packed itinerary handed out to us at the onset. The most noteworthy is the immersion into human contact and communication that can be anything from awkward to awesome. I realized that, with merely one similarity, others can sprout and blossom. Sharing and encouraging an exchange is not as difficult as I sometimes think it is.
Something is to be said about those "annoying, irritating and useless" ice-breakers that get everyone to open up a bit more to one another. Maybe there is something else at work when these endeavors are taken like a unity of disliking these activities. I dare even to appreciate them and their awkwardness and embarassment.
I realized quite early on that I am extremely lucky to be a part of the staff of which I am a part. My colleagues/co-workers are exactly the type of people Jack Kerouac would approve of. Even the most commonplace thing is interpreted as a joke beyond jokes and a hilarity beyond laughter. The only true ingredient necessary for this recipe is open-ness. Open-mindedness to different ideas and open-heartedness to complete strangers will bring us closer together and closer to our common goal.
An important confession is that, while I've got open-mindedness down, open-heartedness is just out of my reach. Going along with the motions, volunteering for certain things, and being forced to do others, I saw in myself a type of tentative understanding of people from what I would imagine is their complicated perspective without any assumptions or stereotypes but the vulnerability of letting others know how highly I might think of them is lacking majorly. Perhaps this all plays into a bigger role of self-defense and preemptive strike but I really do wish those ''roman candles'' knew I thought they were as bright and precious as gold.

On the other hand, sometimes friends let you down in ways they do not even understand. While being back reminded me of that, I am aware that there is only room for movement forward. Backward is unacceptable. :)

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