Monday, August 2, 2010

August with Arms Wide Open

A great thing happened today: a thing that has taken me a long time and has, on more than one occasion, made me feel hopeless. I passed my driver's license test. It was so shocking that I couldn't believe it for a very long time. I was in no condition to drive after the exam.

I was not just any permit-holding person desirous of a license; it was my 4th time taking the exam and my 8th visit to the DMV for permit (3) & license (5) reasons. After failing my permit exam once then passing it, I failed my behind-the-wheel test twice. Then, I needed to re-do the permit as it had expired. My first behind-the-wheel appointment with this second permit I was turned down because the DMV's computers were down. After failing another time, I got my license on August 2nd, 2010, a sunny Monday. It took 2 years but boy does it still feel good.

As I was sitting and pondering my life in the passenger seat, I wondered what I should do with my 4 driver's tests, especially the first 3 disqualified ones with angry scribblings of people surely worried for their lives. I'm a scrapbooker personally, even somewhat of a pack-rat. Which got me thinking: Do you document your failures just as much as your achievements? It's important to have both to look back on. It's important not to just focus on the good and ignore the bad. One should actually face the bad head-on to overcome and learn from it. Now that I will not be making that walk of shame out of the DMV without a license it's easy for me to say that I am not humiliated or ashamed of whom I am.

I think those damned tests should burn in hell but I don't mind holding on to them and laughing at the stories they have left me with. It might be merely a sappy sentiment but I like this new outlook.

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