Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prelude: An Analysis

Thought I would start off with an image that captures how Summer 2010 is going for me: [but it was removed by]

Up close, the imperfections of the flowers appear but, in the distance of time, place, and space, they look amazing.
It's a field of wildflowers which reminds me of a song by the JaneDear girls called Wildflower which I heard for the first time today while I was listening to the music channel "Great American Country". For a month now I have been on a country music binge.

For some reason, yellow has been my color this summer; it helped me land my first ever summer job at Ann Taylor Loft [which sells clothing in the array of these flowers' colors]. I said something along the lines of "for some reason, recently I've been really loving yellow.& you know what? I think it's because of the sun. It's exciting to see especially after spring gloominess so when I see that yellow; it carries the same excitement with it."
Just as these flowers are not all in bloom neither is my summer or myself. Constantly growing and learning is the state of my summer.

Thank you Mother Nature...


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  1. Cool post...
    Hope u have a gr8 rest of the summer Maya :)


Thanks for the comment! :) xoxo Maya