Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On the Pursuit of Happiness

Much has been said about happiness, and still more will continue to be said about it. To be honest, the idea is hard to grasp for me, not because I believe it hard to attain (which I believe) but because there are so many illusions of happiness in everyday life. Mirages of what is this wonderful joy and emotion called happiness. Some say it's not an emotion but a place (think: "Go to your happy place.") I'm not sure.
For a very long time, places did not matter to me. It was the environment and the people. Once my environment was completely dissolved and my people completely yanked from me, I began to resent the places I was, becoming fixated on this nameless unattainable.
Introspection, self-reflection, and all that jazz is helpful to realize that the name of the nameless could be true and genuine happiness. Characterized by sincere laughter, not merely forced chuckles, and by uncontrollable dimples, not merely a muscle twitch, that positive truth is not unattainable. It's actually somewhat common, common for certain attitudes of hope, optimism, adventure, and the list goes on.
Perhaps what needs to be done is a slight alteration. Instead of the general tendency towards negativity or complications, look toward the possibilities. That is not a word used and understood as much as it needs be. Possibilities, like opportunities, can be created and chosen. We can create possibilities. We can make things (ideas, actions, feelings) that seem impossible possible with the wave of a finger, attitude, or upturning lips.
Therefore, the unattainable and the impossible are nothing but things that the mind lingers on in one direction. Seen from any other, they are possibilities, challenges, and opportunities to grow, to overcome, to learn.
Dude, it's all good. Seriously. Really, nothing is as scary, dangerous, or outrageous as we make it out for ourselves.

In other news, I saw KiD CuDi Saturday night at Audiotistic. It was lovely. Can you guess my favorite of his songs? Oy, correct! Pursuit of Happiness :P :)
Cheers. To new-ness. Cheers.

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